What to do

The National History Museum, St Fagans, is often known by its old title The Museum of Welsh Life. It’s situated in a brilliant 100-acre park just outside Cardiff. You can have picnics there or visit the cottages and the stores, including a grocers, sweetshop, ice cream vendor, hardware and bakers.

The Llandaff Cardiff Ghost Walk is certainly worth a visit. For adults and children over twelve, this walk takes you around Cardiff’s mysterious past. Although you’re in the city, you can enjoy a creepy rural atmosphere. Visitors can discover graveyard, wooded lanes and the spirits of the Cardiff dead.

The Wales Millenium Centre offers a range of entertainment including plays, West End musicals, opera, modern dance and ballet. There are also opportunities for training days, workshops, stand-up comedy and exhibitions.

Bute Park is a beautiful parkland at the heart of Cardiff. Consisting of a mix of historic landscape, woodland, arboretums and rivers, this park has something for everyone. It also includes the Blackfriars Friary, making the park a Grade 1 historic area.

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